Our experience with oxe Diesel Outboards

As inspired by: https://www.inthesameboat.eco/oxe/

As advertised by oxe, high end diesel engines for professional users and a lot of reading in, the oxe engines seems to be perfect for our job. We had a boat build and i decided to go for the diesel outboard instead of inboard. 

In our other boats we used Volvo Penta and we had problems with their drives, as everyone! A diesel outboard seems to be the perfect solution. They are kind a lightweight (for Diesel) and the service interval for lifting the boat i expected to be every 800 hours (i was wrong).

We ordered the engines un june 2021 and where delivered in december 2021. Our first test drive was at may 2022

18.05.2022 – First test ride

21.05.2022 – 07hrs Fuel system fault (disappeared quickly) 

23.05.2022 – 20hrs – Turbo Charger fault (SB) soon after Port  engine as well (LIMP MODE 1000x times)

05.07.2022 85hrs – Fuel system fault (Port) (NO START)

30.07.2022 100hrs – Cooling error. Impeller problem. (EASY REPLACE but to often)

01.08.2022 101hrs – Fuel system fault (Starboard) (NO START)

10.05.2023 600hrs – welded clutch (SB) caused due to to less gearbox pressure (ONLY FORWARD)

22.09.2023 700hrs – Broken damper (NO DRIVE)

Between 100hrs and 600hours seems to be a big gap, but we had the turbochargers errors coming back on every ride, even after some turbos had been replaced. Our air inlet has been moved at ~150hours to the hull, this prevented to get the salt water into the engines. 

Atm (december 2023) we still have problems: Our SB engines gearbox loosen pressure some times. We have to keep a close watch on the one. Our turbocharger errors are still there in some RPM.

We have volvo’s for appox 7000 hours, we had some problems but not in this frequency. Of we had problems with our volvo they almost always have been solved within a few days. At oxe only to get a little but essential part like a damper can take weeks causing lots of downtime!