Departure from Harlingen

Departure from HarlingenHow do I get to the departure location?

Car Parking

Parking in Harlingen can be difficult, luckily we also have a car park close to the ferries and close to our departure location, timely reservations are required but with a water taxi crossing we have a limited number of extra places available, ask for this when booking your water taxi crossing.

Tip 1: Parking the car for one day
It is possible to get a day ticket at the new Willemstad for just € 2. Spending the night here is prohibited. The ‘Nieuwe Willemshaven is close to our departure jetty and the ferry terminal.
Tip 2: Car parking on Sundays
Parking on Sundays is free in Harlingen, with the exception of the Wadden Promenade. Drive a bit into the center and there is almost always a parking space.

Autostalling de Bazuin
Veilig en vertouwd

300m lopen naar de veerboten
Reserveren noodzakelijk

Parking garages closed?

We have the solution!

Outside the ferry times, parking garages are often closed, if you have to pick up your car between 20:30 and 07:30, you can use our storage facility or use the tips mentioned earlier.

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