Boarding points in Harlingen, Terschelling and VlielandOur home port is Harlingen. Missed the ferry? We can usually leave quickly!

Boarding point Harlingen
SAS Pier


  • In Harlingen you board the SAS pier, which is a good recognizable point next to the control tower
    Route from the ferry terminal:
    – When you are in front of the terminal, turn left and from there you will see the control tower as shown below
    – Just behind the control tower is a small cubicle, behind the cubicle is the footbridge to the SAS Pier where we will moor.
    Route from the Harlingen harbor train station:
    – You get off the train and turn left, after leaving the station you walk up towards the SAS bridge, when you stand on the bridge you will see the SAS pier on the left, where you can also see where you need the pier to enter.

Mooring spot Terschelling
Mooring pier


  • On Terschelling we moor at the watertaxi pier in West-Terschelling

Mooring pier Vlieland


  • On Vlieland we moor in the port of call, the exact location depends on the location available at that time but is always near the KNRM lifeboat opposite restaurant the Dining.