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Watertaxi benefits:Flexible times
If you arrive earlier than agreed we can usually leave earlier, you will come a little later, no problem!
Out of the hustle and bustle
Don't queue the boat on and off, not queuing up at the bike rental. Arrive in a haven of peace
Parking by 'de Bazuin'
At different times, many parking lots are closed, you use our watertaxi we can also take care of your car.
An extra dimension
Our boat gives an extra dimension to your holiday, floating over the water in calm weather or experiencing the power of the sea at a rough sea.
It is usually possible to spot seals from our boat, on request it is possible to make a special stop at a seal sand bank.
Free filling of the boat, at no extra cost
You fill the boat fill as you wish as far as the ship allows.
Watertaxi to Terschelling or Vlieland
<mark>€280,-per crossing</mark>The best priced fast private crossing!

Watertaxi from Harlingen to Terschelling or Vlieland

Watertaxi & Secure parking

You park your car at the car parking ‘de Bazuin’from there it is only 400 meters walk to the SAS Steiger.


Fast Crossing with the best experience

With 60km per hour to terschelling or Vlieland? That promises to be a unique experience!

Leave immediately after arrival

If you book a private crossing, we do not look at 5 minutes, you will arrive a little sooner or later, we leave immediately after arrival.

Very suitable for media and events at sea

Our boat is very versatile, think of events, photography, crew transfer and so on.

Ash disposal on the sea

We can also arrange Ash disposal. both with and without a funeral supervisor.

Ash Disposal

Best priced Private Water taxi

Best priced private transportation to terschelling or Vlieland.


Reserve our exclusive watertaxi.


To Terschelling


To Vlieland





The best experience for the best price!

Where is the boat now?Follow our boat live via AIS:

Combine a seals sightseeing tour!This is possible with a private water taxi crossing