Ash scatter on the Wadden Sea

Ash scatter on the Wadden Sea,
A special farewell

Our boat is very suitable to take care of last wish of your loved one with a small group. We can sail to your chosen location where we will give you the time for your last farewell.

We work together with Casper van Veen, funeral carer from Harlingen to make this farewell extra special.

Casper gives professional guidance during this last special moment.

  • The funeral carer receives you and does a welcome word.
  • The funeral carer ensures a good placement of the urn.
  • The funeral care staff goes through a number of standard procedures.
  • The funeral carer can sprinkle the Ashes in front of you or give you tips on how to do it best.

We depart from the Noorderhaven, one of the most beautiful harbours in the Netherlands. There is usually enough space to park your car.

Near our boat there is usually enough free parking, please note that the whole of Harlingen is paid parking. At the Noorderhaven this is €1,-per hour (Max 4 hours)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The last wish, a particularly nice end

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Other services

Scatter ash without survivors

Within 2km around Harlingen

Scatter ash without relatives

We are going to scatter the ashes without relatives. We do this with all due respect usually just outside the port of Harlingen.

If desired, you will receive the coordinates of the location of the scattering after the time.

Other information

  • It is a journey without reletives.

Short with relatives
~ 0.5 Hours

Inside 2km around Harlingen

Total Duration
30 minutes

We sail in about 5 minutes to the desired location which is within a 2km radius of the port of Harlingen.

You will get 10 minutes to scatter the ash and we’ll sail back immediately.

No special protocols are performed during this tour.

Total we are about 30 minutes on the way, there is space for up to 8 relatives

Other information

  • We depart for Ash Scattering preferably from the Noorderhaven, there is often enough space to park your car (max 4hr)
  • In the case of +35 NAP and higher, a bridge must be opened, the waiting for this is not counted in the time when we are underway.

Most chosen
1 hour

Within 15km around Harlingen

Total Duration
60 Minutes

It is also possible to take this last trip under the supervision of a funeral carer.

A special farewell, with funeral supervisor.

What does the funeral supervisor do?

  • He ensures reception.
  • He provides a number of standard protocols like for example the flag on half stick.
  • It can in consultation move the ash in a special sprinkler or in a biodegradable zinc urn.
  • He gives various tips.

During this last trip one often does not know how to tackle it. A funeral supervisor is usually a very pleasant addition.

We sail to the desired location, about 30 minutes around Harlingen, upon arrival at the desired location Our funeral carer will guide you in scattering the ashes of your loved one.

Afterwards we sail around twice and sail back to the port of Harlingen.

Total we are about 1 hour underway.